What is PTC-WEN

The PTC- WEN is a networking group of women engineers and is a unit under the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) in the Philippines. Also, this is a committee under the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO).
The purposes and objectives as defined under the “Regulations of the Women Engineers of the ASEAN” are as follows:

  1. To encourage women engineers to remain in the engineering practice
  2. To promote greater contribution from women engineers in industry;
  3. To support women in their engineering careers and encourage achievements as engineers and leaders;
  4. To recognize the achievements of women engineers;
  5. To promote understanding, goodwill and co-operation among women engineers;
  6. To promote and exchange ideas, concerns and experiences about engineering and technology
  7. To encourage the study and appplication of engineering among female students;
  8. To become role models in inspiring the next generation of engineer;
  9. To connect students and professional engineers;
  10. To develop mentoring program;
  11. To organize engineering-related activities which contribute to the society and benefit the general public..

History of PTC-WEN





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