Lakambini Inhenyera Candidates 2019

Engr. Genalyn Verbo (GEP)


Engr. Angelica Ongkingco (PICE) 

Engr. Jaye Ehmily Palma (PICHE) 

Engr. Jaymarie Millallos (PSME) 

Engr. Airess Casimero (SMEP)

Malaysia: Dr Lee Sim Yee
Profession: Civil Engineer

Motto: It always seems impossible until it is done.

Engr. Kristel Requiso (PSABE)

Engr. Joy Obrero

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Motto:  To enhance women engineers’ professional development and to encourage the young generation  in engineering field.

Engr. Peachie Melendez (PSABE)

Nielsen Danielle Castro (PICE) Motto:  We rise by lifting others

Who will be the 2019 Lakambining Inhinyera? Here are the Final candidates: 1. Engr. Genalyn Verbo (GEP) 2. Engr. Kristel Requiso (PSABE) 3. Engr. Jaye Ehmily Palma (PICHE) 4. Engr. Angelica Ongkingco (PICE) 5. Engr. Joy Obrero (IECEP) 6. Engr. Peachie Melendez (PSABE)   7. Engr. Jaymarie Millallos (PSME) 8. Engr. Airess Casimero (SMEP) .


The Women Engineers Network of the Philippine Technological Council is pleased to invite candidate/s for the 3rd Search for Lakambining Inhenyera, a fund-raising activity and personality development quest for professional women engineers. 

  1. Each Engineering Professional Organization (EPO) shall nominate 1 or 2 candidates who is/are licensed engineer at least 21 years of age, physically and mentally fit with pleasing personality.
  2. The PTC-WEN will provide the EPO or candidate/s with envelopes for their votes/pot money.
  3. The final canvassing is on August 23, 2019 (dropping votes is until 6:00PM).
  4. The Candidates shall prepare for the following Special Awards that will be chosen by the Board of Judges;
    A. Engineering Outfit/ Attire
    B. Sportswear
    C. Corporate/Business Attire
    D. Long Gown
  5. The prizes depend on the pot money of the candidate which will be shared 50:50 by the EPO and Candidate (or as agreed by their  corresponding EPO)
    For top grosser – 60%;
    2nd Top Grosser – 55
    3rd Top Grosser – 50%
    Other Candidates – 40%
  6. The title of Lakambining Inhinyera is based on 50% from the pot money and the other 50% from the beauty. The 50% beauty component is based on the following criteria;
    Physical Attributes (appearance and vital statistics) -30%
    Audience Impact (Poise and Bearing) -20%
    Performance (Mastery & Execution) -50%
  7. The decision of the Board of Judges is final but will cover the 50% beauty only.
  8. Minor awards shall be given but such awards will not contribute in the scoring for the Lakambining Inhinyera.
  9. The PTC-WEN is NOT responsible for the food and accommodation of candidate’s chaperones or personal assistant.
  10. Expenses incurred in the conduct of the search for the Lakambining Inhinyera will be charged to the PTC-WEN’S share.
  11. The PTC-WEN appreciates the participation of WEAFEO candidates as non-competing in this search.


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