4th Philippine Women Engineers Summit 2019

Engineering is globally valued by society as the powerhouse of successful innovation, wealth creation and improvement of the quality of life. An establishment of partnership with other engineering organizations beyond engineering disciplines intends to upscale engineers’ competences that significantly increase the capacity required in industry 4.0.
As the national engineering organization of women engineers in the Philippines, the PTC-WEN aspires to bring together the most successful and talented women engineers across borders for a shared purpose: to advance and promote excellence in engineering for women engineers. Thus, the 4th Philippine Women Engineers Summit (PWES4) aims to provide a methodical evaluation and analysis of women engineers’ roles and challenges in the different discipline in diverse cultures, economic status, technology level among other considerations. Other nations take a lead on engineering education, innovation, technological trends, best practices, re-
searches and others compared with other countries. Thus, we work to improve partnership, public awareness and understanding of engineering towards a balanced global outlook.
In consequence, PTC-WEN endeavors to sharpen competence across borders with the following topics;

 Hitching the value of engineering innovation
 Moulding gender responsive engineering environment
 Concreting better engineering education
 Skilling for closer mismatch
 Steering women for industry 4.0
 Illuminating with sustainable development
 Driving a balanced in economic growth
 Plugging women engineers to food security
 Structuring mindsets for robust professional excellence
 Equaling excellence engineering practice for women


4th Philippine Women Engineers Summit (PWES4)
August 22-24, 2019 (Thu-Sat)

Royce Hotel & Casino, Clark Field Pampanga, Philippines

Theme:      Partnership for Women Engineering Excellence Across Borders

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Gold Package – P150,000.00
Back Cover Ads
5 Delegates
1 hr Presentation Slot
2 Exhibit Booth
Silver Package – P100,000.00
Inside Front Cover Ads
3 Delegates
30 mins Presentation Slot
1 Exhibit Booth
Bronze Package – P50,000.00
Inside Back Cover Ads
2 delegates
1 Exhibit Booth
15 min Presentation Slot


1- whole page: P10,000.00
½ Page: 5,000.00

Tour Destinations

New Clark Green City

A destination where nature, lifestyle and business, education, and industry converge into a global city based on principles of sustainability.

Dinosaurs Island

A family learning attraction with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs teaching about how they lived. The Dinosaurs Island is uniquely located in a forest trail in Clark Pampanga so as to strengthen and bring to life the dinosaur era.