What is PTC-WEN

The PTC- WEN is a networking group of women engineers and is a unit under the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) in the Philippines. Also, this is a committee under the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO).
The purposes and objectives as defined under the “Regulations of the Women Engineers of the ASEAN” are as follows:

  1. To encourage women engineers to remain in the engineering practice
  2. To promote greater contribution from women engineers in industry;
  3. To support women in their engineering careers and encourage achievements as engineers and leaders;
  4. To recognize the achievements of women engineers;
  5. To promote understanding, goodwill and co-operation among women engineers;
  6. To promote and exchange ideas, concerns and experiences about engineering and technology
  7. To encourage the study and appplication of engineering among female students;
  8. To become role models in inspiring the next generation of engineer;
  9. To connect students and professional engineers;
  10. To develop mentoring program;
  11. To organize engineering-related activities which contribute to the society and benefit the general public..

History of PTC-WEN

Filipina Engineers Leading in the Local and Global Professional Communities


The Women Engineers Network of the Philippine Technological Council is one of the catalysts in the engineering profession through its  involvement in the academe, private and  public practice that creates impact on social, economic, environment, technological, political and cultural development of the country.  Women Engineers play major role in community building through its advocacies of work-life balance and enhancement of engineering competence.  Ultimately, Filipina Engineers will be an inspiration in all aspects.


Worthiness – having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in specified way
Excellence – having a quality of being outstanding or extremely good, supremacy and superiority 
Nobleness – having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideas